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Mental Health and Equality Center

The Mental Health and Equality Center of Nyíregyházi University operates as an independent organizational unit from the fall semester of the 2021/2022 academic year. The center functions as an organizational unit directly subordinated to the rector of our university, whose management, professional coordination of task groups, and personal and professional management are carried out by the head of the center.

The Mental Health and Equality Center is headed by László Körei, a university lecturer and Ph.D. student. Personal assistants Krisztina Lutter and Rita Molnár ensure the daily operation and organization as full-time employees. From the 2021/2022 academic year, psychologist colleague Ágnes Szatmáry will also assist the work of the center on a case-by-case basis, with which we also support the spiritual and life counseling of international students, joining the international processes of the University of Nyíregyházi.

The main mission of the Center for Mental Health and Equality is to support the mental health of our students and help them maintain their mental stamina. The important mission of our center is to ensure equal opportunities for students and to implement disadvantage compensation in practice. In connection with all of this, we effectively support our students in their daily lives in academic matters and health issues, so that they can provide as much content as possible in their careers and experience the spiritual, material, and environmental atmosphere of being a university citizen.

Members of the Committee for Helping Students with Disabilities: committee chairman László Körei, head of the center, Dr. Harsányiné. Ágnes Petneházi psychologist, assistant professor, Oroszné Dr. Beatrix Balla is a lawyer, case manager expert, István Tamás is a student delegate member and Dr. Ildikó Vajda is a college teacher and preventive exercise therapist. All of them effectively support the work of the Center for Mental Health and Equality in their field of expertise.

Units within our center (Equality Group, Mental Health Consultation Group) function as functionally defined task groups daily. Thus, for example, promoting the integration and inclusion of students with disabilities, providing study and access support, personal assistance, resolving disadvantage compensatory steps, and providing a wide range of services all serve to help our students feel comfortable and approach their optimal state.

Career & Life guidance, mental health counseling, and psychological counseling are also available at our center upon request. We are constantly working on the implementation of transfers that reduce dropout rates and support student retention, as well as on the development of skills that promote effective integration into the labor market. Our awareness-raising and attitude-building sessions are ongoing, and our new students joined us with great interest at the beginning of September. After the start of the 2021/2022 academic year, we created the foundations for the creation of an effective peer helper system for our volunteer students, the aim of which is for our older students to help and facilitate their peers during their university years. Our services are constantly expanding, which flexibly adapt to the individual and group needs of our students and employees.

László Körei is a university lecturer and Ph.D. student

Mental Health and Equality Center Manager



László Körei

Center manager

Mental Health and Equality Center

Chairman of the Committee for Helping Students with Disabilities

Management coordinator

university lecturer, Ph.D. student

I teach at the Institute of History and Philosophy of the University of Nyíregyháza, and I also work in the courses of the Institute of Applied Humanities and the György Bessenyei Teacher Training Center. In the higher education institution, I use my most important qualifications for the benefit of education and scientific organization: certified political scientist, history teacher, and civics teacher, Hungarian teacher and teacher of inclusive education, health promotion mental hygienist, public service competence development trainer, graduate business coach, as well as economic psychology, business, ethics, and organizational self-knowledge I am a professional.

The management of the Mental Health and Equality Center will be in 2021/2022. I can see it from the school year.

As a management coordinator and committee chairman, I try to promote equal opportunities in all respects. In parallel with my professional duties, I welcome students by making appointments for mental health support and helpful discussions.

Contact information: Mental Health and Equality Center ("B" building, office 09)

Institute of History and Philosophy

telephone: +3670/619-3957

e-mail: (check-in by appointment)

Reception hours: every Monday from 13:30 to 16:00

I am available at the Mental Health and Equality Center on Mondays from 8:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m., on Tuesdays from 2:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m., and on Thursdays all day.


Dr. Vajda Ildiko


institute director - college teacher

Since 2001, I have been teaching at the Institute of Physical Education and Sports Science at Nyíregyház University. I have been working in the rehabilitation of children and adults for 26 years. In 2006, I joined the work of the Committee to Help People with Disabilities. My tasks: for therapeutic and recreational purposes, I help in the compilation of individual and group exercise programs on land and in water, as well as in the study administration of students studying at the Institutes of Natural Sciences. In the course of my work, I would like the students who come to me to have access to programs and opportunities that would help create a better, more livable quality of life.

Contact details: Institute of Physical Education and Sports Sciences, 1st floor/room 109

telephone: 06-42/599- 400/ 2081 ext



Harsány's Dr. Ágnes Petneházi


institute head of department - college assistant professor

I work as a psychologist at the Department of Psychology and Early Childhood Education, Institute of Applied Human Sciences, Nyíregyháza University. My tasks include: helping students with disabilities, holding individual discussions, and trainings as a psychologist.

Contact information: Institute of Applied Humanities - Department of Psychology and Early Childhood Education B/fszt. 030.

phone: 0642/599-400/2921 ext



Kristina Lutter

personal assistant

Since 2008, I have been working in the Equal Opportunities Group of the Nyíregyháza University Student Services Center as a personal assistant. I like dealing with people and giving them a helping hand. My qualifications: Special education assistant and Social child and youth protection administrator. My tasks include: performing tasks for students with disabilities, as needed, on a personalized basis; contact with instructors; management of academic matters; technical implementation of the accessibility of teaching materials; participation in events (opening of the year, graduation ceremony).

Contact information: "B" building no. 09.

tel.: 0642/599-400 / 2805 ext



Rita Molnar

personal assistant

In 2006, I started working at the Study Department of the University of Nyíregyháza. During my work, I encountered many student problems. Since 2016, I have been working as a personal assistant in the Equal Opportunities Group of the Nyíregyházi University Student Services Center, which has been transformed into a Mental Health and Equality Center since August 1, 2021. My duties include managing the academic affairs of students with disabilities and providing them with individualized personal assistance.

Contact information: "B" building no. 09.

tel.: 06-42/599-400 / 2805 ext




Dear Students!

The Nyíregyházi University Mental Health and Equality Center welcomes students with disabilities.

The services provided by the group are free of charge for both full-time and correspondence students.

We have expanded the operation of our center with additional options, which are available to both able-bodied and disabled students, as well as to our university staff, according to consultation and needs.

The use of the services is based on consultation:

Mental Health and Equality Center Building B ground floor 09.

In-person, on our telephone, and via e-mail contacts.


Services available to coordinators and personal assistants

László Körei

Center manager

Mental Health and Equality Center

Management coordinator

university lecturer, Ph.D. student

At the University of Nyíregyháza, psychosomatic unity, i.e. harmony between physical and mental health, is also extremely important for students with disabilities. Due to their different, special needs, I support the individual help of our students and the focused treatment of their problems. To do this, in addition to professional and study-supporting information, I support our students with helpful conversations, the application of stress management techniques, awareness of coping strategies, and methods that help optimize mental health. In addition to all this, I also support the development of their competences and the enhancement of their successes with a wide-spectrum methodological culture.

Contact details: Mental Health and Equality Center ("B" building, office 09)

Institute of History and Philosophy

telephone: +3670/619-3957



Dr. Vajda Ildiko

coordinator - institute director - college teacher

Prevention and therapeutic services in the field of exercise therapy

To prevent the consequences of an incorrect lifestyle and to manage their development, I consider it important to create a movement therapy consultation for students within the framework of health development services at the University of Nyíregyháza, within the framework of which it is possible to compile an individual exercise program and, if required, to participate in individual and group exercise for preventive or therapeutic purposes...

In addition to active participation in the program, we also want to allow helping interested students online with nutrition and healthy lifestyle advice.

Professional counseling can be requested by all students whose persistent or acute locomotor or internal medicine complaints justify participation in a corrective exercise program, or who simply want to do something to maintain their health.

The content of the program:

condition assessment and movement test,

determining the fitness level,

compiling an individual exercise program,

individual and group preventive gymnastics according to needs,

individual musculoskeletal rehabilitation session,

individual and group therapeutic swimming

Contact details: Institute of Physical Education and Sports Science, room 007

telephone: 06-42/599- 400/1/2081 ext



Harsány's dr. Ágnes Petneházi


institute head of department - coordinator - college assistant professor

Mental health conversations in a personalized form.

Psychological counseling.

Holding training and exercises.

Contact information: Institute of Applied Humanities, Psychology, and Early Childhood Education

Institute Department B/030.

phone: 06-42/599- 400/1/2921 ext



Personal assistance

Krisztina Lutter - Rita Molnár

Personal assistance for students with disabilities

It can be provided by full-time personal assistants and occasional peer assistants (students).


Assistance in academic matters: enrolment, course registration, timetable preparation, requesting social support, digitization of study materials. Contact with instructors. Accompanying visually impaired students, moving into and out of the dormitory; assisting with shopping and laundry; lunch ordering, administration at external organizations, etc.

Contact details: Building B, flat 09.

phone. 06-42/599-400/1/2805 ext


Other services

"Living room" / "Baby-mama" room

It is available for full-time and correspondence students with disabilities at Nyíregyházi University.


Building "B" ground floor 08.

During-Day resting place

If you want to study or relax or have a leisurely lunch, you can do it here.

computer use (for learning, practice)

Internet access,

rest, meals (in the room there is a microwave oven, kettle, refrigerator; sofa, armchairs)

Baby-mother room

changing cabinet, cot,

rest, meals

Form of demand income:

The room key can be picked up at the door of building B.


Equipment lending

We provide opportunities for independent, special learning by renting multimedia devices

(laptop, recorder, projector, etc...).

The tools can be borrowed for a specified time.

The form required for borrowing z devices can be found in the downloads.



Registration form (To ensure equal opportunities for enrolled students) To use discounts and exemptions for students with disabilities

87/2015. (IV. 9.) Government Decree CCIV of 2011 on national higher education. on the implementation of certain provisions of the Act


Application to the Study Subcommittee

Application to the Student Legal Redress Committee

Credit calculation sheet

Equipment loan sheet